A good old chinwag is a part of the fun of life, telling tales of exploits in travel, of that fishing trip or that thing that happened on the way to the pub. Here’s some of the fun we have had with family, friends and while earning a living. We enjoy telling about it as much as doing it.

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Hope you enjoy

Gazza Curse Again

On previous occasions I have professed there are some people that bad things just happen when in their company . Gazza is one of those people, this is an account of such an occasions.He arrived to go fishing, I didn't immediately think of him as the instigator or the catalyst for each event, it's just if you sit back and reflect ...
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Arriving in Port Moresby we took a trip around the place to look at the sites

Arriving in POM

The hop from Cairns to Port Moresby is quite short.  I'd always imagined PNG to be a wet, a hot steamy and stormy jungle sort of a climate but arriving in POM (Port Moresby) it appeared the complete opposite. The country side is dry and the grasses and bushes appear as if a big bush fire had just rushed through ...
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2011 Rarotonga

This is the holiday that we weren't really sure why we were going other than Al's sister and brother-in-law were going, which in itself is reason enough. But Rarotonga! This turned out one of the best island holidays we have had, we meet a great bunch of people through family and greeted and treated above and beyond by some of Chris and Barbs ...
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First Fish on the Caboolture River

We went out in the boat for the first time in months this weekend, before any launching of the boat, even a little aluminium dinghy like ours takes a while to prepare, this time it took a  couple of hours,  however when finished I thought I had organised it all. We had intended to get away around 9am but didn't actually ...
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1998 Travelling West from Canberra

In 1998 on boxing day bored and looking forward to a few days off with nothing planned we decided instead falling asleep in the back yard we would drive a little west.  This journey was unplanned and took us across three states, from the to the outback in Silverton NSW, the very bottom of mainland Australia and to the lush ...
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1997 Lord Howe Island

<img "="" title="Lord Howe Starting" src="http://goodoldchinwagging.com/wp-content/uploads/1997/03/Lord-Howe-Starting.jpg" alt="" width="720" height="200" style="display:none">This is a journal of a visit that Mrs H and I made to Lord Howe Island in 1997. check out the journal for this trip. This was one of our early holidays in Australia, it was a great destination that was relaxing and interesting. You can find further information about Lord Howe at

Scrivener On the Go

Remember the days you had a pad and pencil and you just wrote and took it everywhere with you. Not ...
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Exploding Wheel Barrows

I bought a flat pack shed for replacing the pool shed. Long overdue, I hear you say, and you are ...
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Camera Work a Reflection of Forty Years of Making Memories

Recently I've taken an interest in being behind the camera again but unlike my other half not necessarily in conventional photos ...
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